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This page will keep you posted about services and facilities available during the event.

Lunch box

From Saturday 29th July to Saturday 5th August, including rest day : 7.50€ per person per day. To order by July 7th.


Catering menu and prices.

Bicycle washing

Bicycle washing facilities will be available in each arena.


Toilets will be available in each arena.


Closing Banquet will take place on the last day, in Saran (6.6km from Event Center, GPS 47°57’03.8″N 1°52’24.9″E), starting at 19:30.

Dinner : Buffet with starters, dishes and desserts.
Drinks : Water, juices, wine and beer, all inclusive.
Music : Live band.

Fees : 35€ per person. Entries on sale at Event office.