GPS coordinates destinationCar park (400m from arena)
GPS coordinates 47.9376944,1.7827499999999998
Distance from event center14km
Race formatMiddle distance
Map informationScale : 1:10.000 - Contours : 2.5 meters - Size : A3 - Paper : waterproof
Terrain description

Distances and climb

Terrain description

MD will be taking place in a forest area (Ormes communal forest) with two very different forest areas: one part frequented by the public, with bike and run sports track; the other part is an area used for hunting with sectors with a very dense vegetation and wide variety of trail network. It is a flat terrain. It is forbidden to ride off the roads or paths. It is allowed to ride on the orange that represents area open for riding.


Fishermen and other people can be present around the lake.

Course plannerClaude Flament
Center opening time12:00
First start14:30
Courses closing time18:00


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GPS coordinates

  • Car park : 47°56’15.7″N 1°46’57.9″E (400m from arena)
  • Motorhome park : 47°56’06.2″N 1°45’59.7″E (800m from arena)