GPS coordinates destinationCar park (800m from arena)
GPS coordinates 47.846917,1.941361
Distance from event center9km
Race formatSprint
Map informationScale : 1:5.000 - Contours : 2.5 meters - Size : 25x30 cm - Paper : waterproof
Terrain description

Distances and climb

Terrain description

Sprint will be taking place in an urban area (University campus of Orléans-la-source) with alternation of large buildings, lawn areas and extensive paved ride ways. It is allowed to ride off the roads or paths. It is forbidden to take the corridor to the tram or to cross it outside the passages indicated on the map.


The circulation is neutralized. However, residents can go out and go home. In wet or wet soil, there is a wooden bridge which is likely to be very slippery. Please, respect pedestrians.

Course plannerFranck Reinen
Center opening time12:00
First start14:00
Courses closing time17:00


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GPS coordinates

  • Car park : 47°50’48.9″N 1°56’28.9″E (800m from arena)
  • Motorhome park : 47°50’06.8″N 1°56’10.1″E (1300m from arena)