A childminding service will be available for the five races from 11th to 16th July. Consequently we will not offer split start times for parents.

The purpose of this service is to look after children while both their parents are out running at the same time. It is not meant to last beyond this period. Please help us prepare for the numbers of children by pre-registering your children for the childminding service via the Orientering Online web site.

Please note that this service will not be available for the prologue (sprint race).

Registering for the child-minding service

To avoid the need to queue when registering for the service on Day 1, you can fill in the form in advance (one form for each child) and send it to us at At the event centre at L’Hospitalet du Larzac there will be members of the child-minding service present to deal with enquiries.

Form to download in word

Form to download in pdf

You should provide your child with a small rucsack containing the following items as appropriate : water, suncream, hat, sunglasses, stuffed toy, dummy, feeding bottle, nappy.

Camper vans

From 9th July to the evening of 15th July it will be possible to park at the O’France event car parking areas. Outside these dates, please use a dedicated camper van overnight parking area.
A list of parking sites close to the event areas can be found on the following web sites :,130

Here are a few examples:

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.86437° N ; Longitude : 3.31245° E
Address : AUTOROUTE A 75 (direction Beziers -> Clermont Ferrand) – Le Caylar Motorway service area – 34000 Le Caylar
Price : free

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.92636° N ; Longitude : 3.00873° E
10 places
Price : free

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.98336° N ; Longitude : 3.13657° E
4 places
Price : free

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.90998° N ; Longitude : 3.31259° E
7 places
Price : 3 € / 24h

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 44.01991° N ; Longitude : 3.30383° E
5 places
Price : free

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 44.02082° N ; Longitude : 3.36093° E
14 places
Price information by phone, 05 65 46 06 40

GPS coordinates : Latitude : 43.81649° N ; Longitude : 2.87991° E
16 places
Price : 3€ (from 18h to 10h)


Snacks and drinks will be available :

  • at the event centre on saturday 9th July (organised by local associations)
  • at each race venue on all the other days

Lost and found

Lost property will be kept at the registration desk at each race venue throughout the week.